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Ajin inside Petronas Tower's Main Entrance

Cable Car Terminal Station at Genting

KL Central (Padang)

Tallest Flagstaff

KL Skyline

KL Architectural Snapshot

View From Mosque

KL Mosque

KL Tower from the base of Petronas Towers

Petronas Towers (World's Tallest Building)

Petronas Tower (KLCC)

Melacca Architecture

Curio Shops lining Melacca streets

Melacce Fort remains

Melacca fort wall and opening

External wall of the fort, Melacca

Fort from inside, Melacca

Roadside garden, Melacca

Istana (Palace), Melacca

Marine Museum, Melacca

Museum, Melacca

Sprawling Suburbs, Melacca

Popular Melacca landmark, The Stadthuys

Carved stone, Melacca Fort

Old Melacca street

Vandalised Jesus, Melacca

Melacca skyline in front of the canal